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FX Lime Marmorino & FX Lime Stucco

(Interior & Exterior)

FX Lime Marmorino & FX Lime Stucco are superior, lime-based, render-like products that reproduce the authentic, classic Venetian plaster finishes. They suit both interior and exterior surfaces and depending on the method of application, produce varying special effects. These coatings can be left flat, or be polished to a fine sheen, to give the exact traditional finishes favoured in Europe for centuries

Product Description



Attractive Finish

Varying effects



Ease of application

Easy spreading

Easy clean-up


FX Lime Marmorino & FX Lime Stucco can be applied on all sealed surfaces such as plaster, plasterboard and rendered walls and will produce many different special effects.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and free of dirt, dust, grease, loose or flaking paint, and loose surface plaster. Efflorescence or mould on masonry or concrete surfaces must be treated. Flatten gloss surfaces by thoroughly sanding and wipe clean with a damp cloth. Then apply FX Stucco Undercoat as required before applying the product.

On oil-based walls, sand and apply one coat of FX GP Oil Undercoat and then one coat of FX Stucco Undercoat.

Note: It is important to tint product 24 hours before use.

Note: When using over lime-based cement render, apply while render is still wet. No undercoat is required.


Stir contents thoroughly before and during use with a broad, flat stirrer, using an upward action, or preferably use a power-driven mixing paddle.


Requires 2–3 coats applied with a stainless steel stucco trowel. Different sized trowels produce different effects. Place a small amount of product onto trowel and apply as evenly as possible. The trowel is held at an approximate 45-degree angle to the surface during application. Apply second and any subsequent coat using the same method after 12 hours drying time. To achieve a slight sheen, rub the trowel over the surface, held as for the application, while surface is still wet; or when dry, polish using a fine sanding block and trowel. Can also be left flat.

On smooth surfaces only two coats are required. Rough surfaces need further coats.

Note: Do not apply in direct sunlight.

Clear Coating:

FX Wicked Wax® and FX Liquid Wax can be applied to seal finished surfaces – interior use only.

Approximate Spreading Rate:

4–6 square metres per kilogram, depending on application technique and surface roughness.

Approximate Film Thickness per coat:

Not applicable – depends on application.


2–3 coats; further coats required on rough surfaces.


Not required.


Maximum 150 ml per litre (refer to colour chart for tinting specifications).


Stainless steel stucco trowel.

Drying Times (at 25 °C): Touch: (at 25 °C): Touch: 2 Hours; Recoat: 12 Hours.

Clean-up: Water. Safety: Glasses, Gloves & Mask. Gloss Level: 

20%–30% at a 60° viewing angle after final coat is polished.


Note: Do not apply paint if the air temperature or substrate temperature is below 10 °C or above 35 °C. The temperature should not fall below 10 °C during the drying process.

Safety and environmental care


Personal Protection:

Wear eye protection and dust mask when spraying, as splashes may cause eye irritation and inhalation of spray mist may cause respiratory irritation.

Asbestos cement sheeting:

Do not disturb, sand or scrub, and avoid any peripheral dust. If you do not have professional expertise in the handling/removal of asbestos sheeting, use a licensed asbestos removalist.

Refer to product labels, current FX Australia Safety Data Sheets or call FX Australia for detailed information.


Slippery when spilled·

Restrict access to area until clean-up is completed · When cleaning up spills, use personal protection equipment · Stop leak if safe to do so and contain spill with absorbent material such as sand, vermiculite or other inert material · Prevent spill from entering waterways · Collect and dispose of spilled material according to local regulations · Wash away remnants with liberal amounts of cold water.


Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight · Store away from strong acids and moisture · Keep containers closed at all times and check regularly for spills.


Refer to State/Territory Land Waste Management Authority: most authorities permit disposal at approved land waste sites.

Date of Issue: March 2014

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