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FX Products Available at Wattyl HUB Stores from Oct 2023

FX Australia  is excited to announce FX Products may now be purchased through the Wattyl network from October 2023. Note, only HUB stores will hold stock of FX Products, other Wattyl stores can order in your favourite FX Product.

If you are experiencing any difficulties during this transition please call FX direct on 02 9725 2588. We are here to help!

Coating, Paint & Plaster Products

Paint & Plaster Products

FX Australia manufactures a remarkable collection of specialised, high-end architectural paints and purpose-formulated coatings for a comprehensive range of decorative, commercial and industrial applications.

Coating, Paint & Plaster Projects


FX Australia is proudly Australian-owned and Australian-made. We’ve created unique, award-winning coating, paint and plaster finishes for local and international top-drawer brands and design teams and turned many a professional’s coating, paint and plaster concepts into reality.

Online Coating, Paint & Plaster Shop

Online Shop

FX Australia Shop offers its popular speciality finishes, architectural coatings and paint tools providing exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their homes. Check it out and start shopping today!

House of the year New Zealand

Compound System

The FX Compound System
in combination with Health Based Building Foreverbreathe Wall Systems in New Zealand was used to create a high performance level 5 finish throughout this award winning home.

"We highly recommended them and their product range whether you have any health issues or not and thank them for taking the challenge in getting these products out into the market place where there is an enormous need for environmentally responsible and safe products."

DIYers Colin & Lani

NSW, Australia

We are currently working on adding all our high-end architectural coatings and paints products to our online shop.

If you can't find a paint or coatings product you would like to purchase on our online shop, please feel free to email or call us directly

We are at your service!

This is FX Australia!

We are an Australian manufacturer of premium quality speciality paints, architectural & protective coatings and a range of innovative joint & topping compounds.

FX Australia is proudly Australian-owned and Australian-made family business. We’ve created unique, award-winning paint and plaster finishes for local and international top-drawer brands and design teams and turned many a professional’s concept into reality.



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