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Professional Courses

FX Australia Special Effects Training Courses are hands-on and specifically designed to give professional painters, plasterers and renderers expertise in the use of our coatings.

Professional applicators are given step-by-step instruction in the following:

  • Preparation through to completion stage

  • Selection and use of tools

  • Choosing, pricing and applying special effects finishes for large, complex projects

  • Marketing special effects finishes

The courses are operated on an individual/company group basis. Each course is designed to suit the needs and capabilities of participants, with two or preferably three people as the minimum requirement.

Courses run over a minimum of one day but can be expanded.

Suggested Course Modules

  1. Washes, Patinas and Metallic effects

  2. Stuccos, Waxes and Textured effects

  3. Glazed, Pearlescent and various one-off effects

Course modules can be customised to include products of specific interest from each FX Australia range.

Course cost on request and booking essential. 

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