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  • What is the shelf life of FX Products?
    Water-based products have a shelf life of 12 months if they are unopened and stored in a cool place. Once the product is opened or if the product is stored in a hot environment then the shelf life diminishes. It is recommended to use the entire product at the one time to avoid any contamination.
  • Why use water-based products?
    Water-based products are generally better for your health and the environment. FX Australia products and processes are Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certified giving the end user confidence and peace of mind.
  • What is sheen?
    Sheen is the level of gloss. Choosing the right sheen is important: 1. MATT/FLAT: Hides imperfections but picks up dirt. Generally, not washable. 2. LOW SHEEN: Hides some imperfections. Usually able to clean off dirt and marks. Choose FX Max Easy Clean Low Sheen or FX LTC Low Sheen. 3. GLOSS/SEMI-GLOSS: Excellent for washability but does not hide imperfections.
  • What tools do I need for my project?
    Tools differ for each product see below for a general guide, always read the FX Product Information Sheet for more details or call us direct. 1. Architectural Coatings, Metallics, Washes and Pearl Coatings You will need: drop sheets, roller, brush, tape and roller tray 2. Stucco, Travertino & Marmorinos You will need: drop sheets, roller, brush, tape and roller tray for preparation and a stainless-steel trowel.
  • I cannot see the product I want to buy online. Help!
    We are at your service. FX Australia has a large range of products. Please email with your requirements.
  • Where are FX Products made?
    FX Australia has a manufacturing site in Wetherill Park NSW. FX Australia is Proudly Australian owned and made, selling Australia wide and exporting to the world!
  • I want a custom colour or custom finish. What do I do?
    FX Australia can customise colours and product finishes to meet your specifications. Call us directly to discuss your requirements. Tel: +61 2 9725 5888
  • I need advice on application technique.
    You can find detailed information on preparation and application in Product Infrormation Sheets for each product and/or watch our youtube videos on application technique. Or contact us directly.
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