Pearl, Glazes and Wax Finishes

FX Clear – Interior Only

FX Clear is a hardwearing and washable paint product, especially manufactured for producing different and

creative finishes.

FX Tintable Pearl (Satin or Gloss) – Interior Only

FX Tintable Pearl, a hardwearing, washable paint product, gives a rich, creamy ‘Mother of Pearl’ translucence to feature walls, one-off design projects such as murals, furniture and decorative pieces. Match to base colour for a subtle, romantic effect or contrast to base for more drama. Both Satin and Gloss coatings can be used untinted or tinted.

FX Glaze – Interior Only

FX Glaze produces many different special effects, including marble, antique and ragged finishes and is perfect for adding depth and dimension to ornate plaster mouldings. FX Glaze is a highly valued coating for home and commercial interior decoration, as it offers many possibilities for personalised, artistic ideas and finishes, is fully washable and has a high resistance to wear and tear.

FX Antique Pearl – Interior Only

FX Antique Pearl is an interior, water-based, tintable, liquid paste, specifically formulated for producing a subtle, pearlescent finish. This hardwearing paint gives a romantic, old-world translucence to every interior, yet complements both contemporary and classical décor. The textured, matt sheen of FX Antique Pearl is particularly beautiful under soft lighting, making it ideal for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in dining rooms, restaurants and other spaces planned for social intimacy.

FX Scumble – Interior Only

FX Scumble is a clear product which slows down the drying time of other FX Australia coatings to give the applicator additional working time to achieve perfect one-off marbled, sponged, ragged or distressed finishes, or other special effects.

FX Desert Caravan – Interior & Exterior

FX Desert Caravan® is a unique acrylic paint product, using modern technology to create a lightly textured Tuscan look, with all the rich, rustic charm of a classic Italian style. This coating is extremely durable so especially suited to exterior use.

FX Super Matt Clear – Interior & Exterior

FX Super Matt Clear is a hardwearing interior and exterior clear matt paint product. This product is ideal for sealing wash, rust and suede finishes and may also be used on its own to create decorative finishes.

FX Wicked Wax® – Interior Only

FX Wicked Wax® is used as an additional decorative finish best applied over stucco finishes, FX Travertino® or FX Milk Paint. FX Wicked Wax® comes in a number of stylish colours. FX Wicked Wax® Clear may be tinted with universal tinters.

NEW FX Soap Wax Natural & FX Liquid Wax Natural – Interior Only

New NATURAL FX Soap Wax and FX Liquid Wax are specifically formulated to dramatically highlight the patterns and textures of FX Stucco coatings, FX Marmorino and FX Travertino®, producing varied creative finishes. These wax products are also used to protect FX Stucco coatings against wear and moisture in high traffic areas. FX Liquid Wax, tinted or untinted, is also ideal to create a French Provincial look on furniture pieces when used over FX Milk Paint. 

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