FX Clear

Interior Only

FX Clear is a hardwearing, washable liquid paste that dries to a satin finish, and is specifically formulated for producing unusual and creative finishes. 


FX Scumble

Interior Only

FX Scumble is a clear product which slows down the drying time of FX Australia coatings to give the applicator additional working time to achieve various special effects. 

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FX Super Matt Clear X

Interior & Exterior


FX Super Matt Clear X is extremely tough clear topcoat. Dries to a soft matt satin sheen. Ideal for sealing FX Travertino®, FX Marmorino, FX Vintage Chalk and porous substrates.


FX Tintable Pearl

Interior Only

FX Tintable Pearl gives a rich, creamy ‘Mother of Pearl’ translucence to feature walls, one-off design projects such as murals, furniture and decorative pieces. 


FX Desert Caravan

Interior & Exterior

FX Desert Caravan® is a unique acrylic coating, using modern technology to create a lightly textured Tuscan look, with all the rich, rustic charm of a classic Italian style. This coating is extremely durable. 

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FX Wicked Wax®

Interior Only

FX Wicked Wax®, FX Liquid Wax and FX Soap Wax highlights the patterns and textures of FX Stucco coatings and protects them against wear and moisture in high traffic areas. Also used to create an aged effect on furniture pieces .


FX Glaze

Interior Only

FX Glaze produces many different special effects, including marble, antique and ragged finishes and is perfect for adding depth and dimension to ornate plaster mouldings. 


FX Super Matt Clear

Interior & Exterior

FX Super Matt Clear is a hardwearing interior and exterior clear matt coating. This product is ideal for sealing FX Wash, FX Rust Paint and FX Desert Caravan and may also be used on its own to create decorative finishes. 

FX Australia has made every attempt to ensure that these colours and specifications are accurate but makes no representations as to their accuracy. Each FX product is only suitable for particular surfaces and the final effect and colour will always depend on environmental factors and the application method. You should test the colour and finish before commencing a project.