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International Network

International Network

From our Australian manufacturing base, FX Australia has formed international partnerships with like-minded companies in Asia and Europe. These partners are fully trained in FX application and installation techniques,

and their expertise and project experience with award-winning design teams and architects makes them an integral part of FX Australia’s commitment to excellence.

Deco Expression

Hilda Wee is FX Australia’s agent in Asia and has serviced FX clients in the region for almost a decade. Hilda Wee’s company, Deco Expression, is one of the region’s leading suppliers of architectural design products and custom décor, Deco Expression works with a wide range of commercial and retail clients, and Hilda’s expertise is highly valued. Hilda and her team at Deco Expression are available to advise, collate samples and source the best local applicator teams for all FX Australia products.

Paints 101

Paints 101

Russell and Vincent from Paints 101 have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in FX Product specification & installation. The Paints 101 Team are personable, reliable and quick to respond to your project needs.

DHL Shipping

P&S Corporation - South Korea

FX is pleased to welcome P&S Corporation, South Korea to our International Network.

Representatives from P&S Corporation enjoyed several days at the FX Site in Sydney in May getting familiar

with FX Products.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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