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Paint, Compounds & Plaster Products

Stucco & Textured Finishes

Stucco, Marmorino & Textured Finishes

Classic Stucco, Marmorino and Travertino® finishes for top-end brands and developments.

FX Vintage Finish Range

Vintage Finishes

Reproduce distressed, French farmhouse furniture pieces and chic feature walls.

FX Compound Plaster Based Systems

Compound System

A revolutionary Compound System providing greater strength & superior finishes.

Wash & Metallic Paint Finishes

Washes & Metallics

Rich metallic look and non-toxic soft patina washes to create warm intimate social spaces.

FX Lemon Tree creek® Paint

Lemon Tree Creek Paint Range

Your health & well being is paramount of this ultra-safe and environmentally friendly range.

FX Commercial Coatings

Commercial Coatings

Purpose-built coatings for shipping containers, industrial ceilings and beyond.

Pearl, Glazes & Wax Coating Finishes

Pearls, Glazes & Waxes

Creamy, translucent finishes to create romantic spaces or one-off decorative pieces.

FX Max & Max Solar Paint

Max Paint Range

High performance, interior & exterior paint systems. Maximum results and long term protection.

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