FX Commercial Coatings deliver cost-effective solutions.

pro hoarding.jpg

FX PRO Hoarding Paint

Interior & Exterior

FX PRO Hoarding Paint is a matt, non-reflective, hard-wearing 100% acrylic paint, specifically formulated for painting construction hoardings.

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FX PRO Cable Black 

Interior & Exterior

FX PRO Cable Black is a flat, non-reflective, hard-wearing water-based coating,  formulated for hiding imperfections in industrial and commercial projects.


FX Elastomeric Membrane

Interior & Exterior

FX Elastomeric Membrane is a hard-wearing and washable paint, specially manufactured for exterior durability. Its flexibility helps to address hairline cracks due to minor structural movement. 

penetrating sealer.jpg

FX Penetrating Sealer

Interior & Exterior

FX Penetrating Sealer is a water-based liquid specifically formulated to assist in addressing chalking and efflorescence problems.