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FX Designer Panels


​The Smart Solution

If finding smart solutions is one of your business principles, you’ll know there’s been a swing to pre-fabricated, custom-designed wall and ceiling panels and shelving for commercial and retail centres. 

Not only do they provide cost benefits, especially when designing multiple sites for the same client, but the ‘look’ of the custom-made panels is often also a part of the client’s branding.

Using FX products to finish custom-made panels off-site means consistent design and colour, and on completion, quick and easy installation with fewer complications. That’s why FX Designer Panels tick all the smart-solution boxes.

FX can provide an exciting custom finish for your custom-made panels through the FX Network of trained and experienced applicators. We are also able to advise on appropriate coatings from our extensive range of special effects products, so call or email today for advice and contact with the FX Network.

FX Designer Panels
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