FX Vintage Chalk

Interior Only

FX Vintage Chalk reproduces the matt, distressed finish so characteristic of ‘French Farmhouse’ style, and much favoured in contemporary décor for its chic, timeworn charm. Ideal for smaller projects such as furniture and feature walls.

FX Vintage Crackle

Interior Only

FX Vintage Crackle is a liquid medium, specifically formulated to reproduce the aged weathered look that makes new deceptively old. Use it on feature walls, furniture, woodwork, picture frames, statuary – wherever you want the antique charm of a crackle finish. 

FX Australia has made every attempt to ensure that these colours and specifications are accurate but makes no representations as to their accuracy. Each FX product is only suitable for particular surfaces and the final effect and colour will always depend on environmental factors and the application method. You should test the colour and finish before commencing a project.