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FX Super Base Coat X & FX Topping Compound X

Instructional Video

FX Super Base Coat X (Interior & Exterior) and FX Topping Compound X (Interior & Exterior) are used in combination with tape for added strength.


These two products are part of a unique Compound System and are distributed nationally through Prep Production.


For more detailed information contact

FX Australia.

After many years in the making FX have finally been granted our Patent for our Joint Compound, FX Super Base Coat X in Australia.

Patent No. 2017313451

New Zealand FX Compund

FX Compound System goes to New Zealand

FX Australia is working with Health Based Building, a smart New Zealand company to promote better, more sustainable building practices. Health Based Building uses MAGNUM BOARDS as opposed to the usual lining materials. FX Australia created the FX Super Base Coat X series specifically for MAGNUM BOARDS, to perform in environments experiencing excessive movement.

Watch instructional videos from Health Based Building

Why Choose FX Compound Systems?

Chances are you've renovated or built a home, or had professionals do it for you. So you'll know that one of a DIYer's or even a practiced tradesman's biggest headaches inevitably comes when it's time to fix joints on wall and ceiling panels. Bubbling, cracking, gaps and unattractive, unprofessional result are common, and can destroy an otherwise successful renovation or new build.

So FX Australia decided it was time to revolutionise this out-of-date, often flawed fixing method by creating an innovative and technologically advanced system.

The FX Joint Compound System*, comprising three stepped,

easy-to-use products, is patent pending and proven to result in strong, flexible, flawless joints and seams in all plasterboard and fibre cement installations.

Compound Buckets - FX Australia

The Key advantages:

Herculean strength **

Uses recyclable materials

Excellent for wet areas

Time-saving, easy to apply

Pre-mixed, water-based, easy clean-up

Flexible, so helps remediate hairline cracks

* There are several products in the system, each created to address a specific need.

One such need was to partner with Health-Based Building in New Zealand to create a product suitable for their Magnum Boards and an environment susceptible to ongoing tremors and earthquakes.

** Results of independent tests conducted by AWTA Product Testing.

An Australian innovation that takes the 'tough' out of plastering

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