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About FX Australia

We are an Australian manufacturer of premium quality speciality paints, architectural & protective coatings and a range of innovative joint & topping compounds.

FX Australia is proudly Australian-owned and Australian-made. We’ve created unique, award-winning architectural coating, paint and plaster finishes for local and international top-drawer brands and design teams and turned many a professional’s concept into reality.

Meticulous about every aspect of our business, we begin by sourcing pigments and resins from the world’s leading suppliers and use cutting-edge technology to bring our coatings, paints and plaster finishes to market.

Translating Great Design Ideas into Architectural Triumphs.


FX Australia Special Effects range incorporates every classic faux paint and plaster finish from Marmorino, Stuccos and Washes to contemporary Mud®, Metallics, Waxes, Pearls and Rust paints. Have a closer look in our coating, paint & plaster products section of all the effects available to cater for your needs.

FX architectural paints are formulated to give end users intelligent choices, whatever the scope of the project.

The FX Lemon Tree Creek® range of paints for interior and exterior is APEO-free and VOC-free/ low VOC. Ultra-safe and odour absorbing, it contains five integrated wall, ceiling and trim paint coatings, from Pre-Coat to Water-Based Enamel. Choose FX Max paint products for projects requiring a premium finish and cost-effective budget.


Insulation paint, membrane paint and protective metal paint; purpose-formulated and right on the mark.


The FX Isolare®, Elastomeric Membrane and Get Metal® paint ranges are purpose-formulated paint coatings that address a wide range of structural and protective needs, from boosting natural climate control to industrial roofing renovation. Because they’re water-based, these highly efficient coatings streamline application, providing time and cost efficiencies for domestic and commercial projects.

FX Australia also manufactures purpose-formulated coatings for: wooden pallets; metal containers; cable drums and reels; rail maintenance work; and dipping paint

for scaffolding. 

GECA Certified
Australian Made and Owned
FX Antique Metal Silver Coating
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