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FX Australia is committed to providing safe, high performance, cost effective special effects and architectural coatings. Whether you are using FX high performance architectural coatings to refresh your home or creating inviting spaces within your home using FX special effects, we are here help. 

We can:

•    Assist with getting your design ideas from planning to project
•    Advise on appropriate coatings, colours and application methods
•    Advise on preparation and tools
•    Help estimate quantities 
•    Arrange prompt delivery of orders straight to your home.

Because FX Australia manufactures locally, technical support, advice and outstanding customer service is readily available and prompt.


When painting a newly built house or extension, updating your whole décor, or just turning one wall into a stunning feature, surface preparation is essential for a lasting, professional finish. Assess the condition of all surfaces to be painted before commencing your project.

Complete the following basic checklist. If you are unsure, call or email FX Australia  for further assistance

CHECK LIST - STAGE 1 - Preparation

Mould: Clean off mould using bleach and rinse off with fresh, clean water. Reduce recurring mould issues by providing adequate ventilation. Areas that are constantly damp should be addressed by a builder or plumber.

Water damage: Before preparing areas where there is, or has been, water damage, check first that the area is dry. Water travels and the water issue may not be directly behind the damaged surface. Once you are satisfied that there are no further traces of dampness, undercoat with FX Max Superprep before applying any finish coat. Areas that are constantly damp should be addressed by a builder or plumber.

Hairline cracks: Cracks should be filled with the appropriate putty/filler and sanded when dry. Spot prime with FX Max Superprep before proceeding with the finish coat. Large cracks may be a sign of structural movement. This should be investigated either by a builder or Structural Engineer.

Flaking, chalking, or loose paint or plaster: Scrape off any loose paint and sand before applying FX Max Solar Superprep. DO NOT SAND, SCRAPE OR DISTURB SURFACES THAT MAY CONTAIN ASBESTOS OR LEAD. SEEK PROFESSIONAL ADVICE AND REMOVAL FROM A LICENCED PROFESSIONAL BEFOREHAND.

Dirt: OUTSIDE: Hose down dirty surfaces. Use a broom to remove dirt sitting in crevices. A gurney may be required for stubborn dirt. 

Dirt: INSIDE: Wash down walls and ceilings with sugar soap. Ensure the soap film is rinsed off thoroughly before painting.

Access: High and or difficult areas will require scaffolding or a cherry picker. Check with a local accredited equipment hire company for advice, safety regulations and the appropriate equipment for your project. In older style houses where electrical wires are attached to the outside of the house, these need to be covered. This is a specialised job. Do not attempt to do yourself. 


Contact your local electricity provider to carry out this job before commencing a project.

Roof:  Any person carrying out works on a roof requires appropriate safety gear, including but not limited to a safety harness.

Colours: When changing from dark to light colours, undercoat the surface before re-coating in a lighter colour to ensure a professional finish. Dark colours may ‘bleed’ through if not undercoated.
To ensure colour consistency, consider purchasing all your products at once. 

CHECK LIST - STAGE 2 - Preparation Tools and Products

You may need some or all of the following:

•    Brushes
•    Scraper
•    Gloves
•    Goggles
•    Dust mask/breathing apparatus
•    Spray equipment (if necessary)
•    Roller Cover

•    Roller Frame
•    Extension pole
•    Tape
•    Sanding pad / paper
•    Drop sheets (to protect floors & furnishings)
•    Undercoat 
•    Putty / Filler

Note: Check relevant FX Product Information Sheets to select the FX undercoat that is appropriate for your project and the surface to be painted.

Preparation, Finishing Tools & Application Techniques

Each FX product requires different finishing tools and application techniques. Read the relevant FX Product Information Sheets for further details.

CHECK LIST - STAGE 3 - Choose an FX Product

Product choice is based on many factors. Before choosing a product from any of the FX Ranges, consider the following:

Personal taste: Your space, your choice! Choose products and colours that express your personality, and the way you live in the space. Soft colours are calming, strong colours enliven. 


Décor: It’s a fallacy that classical and contemporary styles demand matching classical or contemporary paint finishes. Antique and vintage furniture can blend beautifully with modern finishes, while retro and ultra-modern style can be set off by a paint finish that was used in Roman villas. Mix it up, be daring – and be rewarded. The FX design service is at your service to guide and assist. 


Function: Is the finish serving a purpose? Decorative, protective, or both? Many FX products are both decorative and protective, and some of the FX special effects coatings that you might think won’t take hard wear can be toughened to withstand busy children and pets with just a simply applied wax coating.


Gloss/Sheen: It’s important, because the ‘gloss’ or ‘sheen’ levels of paint determine its suitability for the job. Flat/Matt finishes are excellent for ceilings, as they hide minor imperfections. Satin/Low Sheen finishes are ideal for walls as they minimise imperfections and subdue lighting. Semi Gloss/Gloss finishes are best for heavy-wear surfaces like trims, architraves and doors. As a general rule, the higher the gloss of a coating, the easier it is to keep clean. Both spaces with low natural light, and those in which you want to emphasise a high level of natural light, will benefit from FX special effects products that can be polished to a moderate or high sheen.  


Consistency: For every aspect of every project, there’s an appropriate FX Australia product, so we’re a virtual one-stop shop and you’re guaranteed consistent high quality and colour matching throughout our product ranges. FX high-performance architectural coatings – FX Pro, FX Max and the ultra-safe FX Lemon Tree Creek – are perfect for standard walls, ceilings and trims and can be used alongside FX Special Effects coatings and combined with FX purpose-formulated coatings such as the FX Isolare exterior insulation range. Shop on line, or let FX Australia guide you personally through our one-stop shop. 


Cost: Look at the total cost to commence and complete a project. Include preparation work and tools. Do you require a professional for all or part of the project? Do you require hire equipment? 


Proficiency: All FX products are water-based: they’re easy to use, won’t create clean-up problems, and can be applied by anyone with an average level of DIY proficiency. A few of our special effects products require the skills of a professional applicator, and our Product Information Sheets will identify these for you. Read the relevant FX Product Information Sheets to assess whether your skills level is appropriate to the product you’ve selected. If in doubt ring FX directly to discuss your needs, and for assistance in locating an FX-trained applicator through the FX Network.

Need more help? Log into the individual product and projects pages on this website for more detailed information and ideas.


We are here to assist with your project needs. Your success is our success! 

FX Australia now services an international market, but our products are still proudly Australian-made, and our company 100% Australian-owned. 

Thank you for your support!