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OTTO  Ristorante, Sydney

FX Mud Paint
OTTO Ristorante

FX Travertino®, FX Milk Paint,

FX Mud Paint

When the owners of OTTO, one of Sydney’s finest restaurants, decided to revitalise its décor, their team chose FX Australia Special Effects coatings to achieve very specific design objectives. Like OTTO’s ‘modern Italian with a twist’ cuisine, FX Australia’s Travertino® and Milk Paint coatings have their origins in classic Italian style and expertise.

Over centuries, Travertine stone has been used to build many of Europe’s most important historical buildings.

FX Travertino® replicates the exquisite natural beauty of travertine stone and was selected to transform OTTO’s walls.

By manipulating several colours of

FX Travertino®, then finally polishing the coating to a soft sheen that brings out its distinctive stone texture, OTTO’s team retained the restaurant’s distinctive Mediterranean character while employing the simplicity and durability of

FX Travertino® as a beautiful, long-term design solution.

For ceilings in OTTO’s refurbishment,

FX Milk Paint was the choice. This is an authentic lime-based coating that engages modern technology to replicate the original lime/milk finish, so distinctly ‘old Europe’ but much favoured in contemporary design for its mellow, matt finish. The custom-tinted coating was applied using a technique that gives it classical texture. The third FX Australia special effects product used by OTTO is FX Mud Paint.

Stretching along the iconic Finger Wharf, OTTO overlooks sparkling Walsh Bay. To reinforce this ambience, OTTO’s design team chose a vivid yellow, fine textured FX Mud Paint for the portable planter boxes that clearly announce the restaurant’s presence.

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